The Bevis Frond – Little Eden

Long running and much loved band, The Bevis Frond, which is spearheaded by ‘guitarist’s guitarist’ Nick Saloman, are back.
Majestic guitar solos, melancholic lyrics, acoustic reveries, driving riffs –  those words could be applicable to virtually all of his previous and numerous albums.
Saloman is something of a reluctant guitar hero, he should be a household name but the fickle public seem to prefer crap to quality, that is their loss and our gain.
On this latest release he has excelled himself. No less than twenty tracks and not one bad egg amongst them.
Try driving down the M11 and not exceeding the speed limit whilst listening to You Owe Me, Find The Mole, Do Without Me and especially the closer, Dreams of Flying. This latter is destined to become a Bevis classic, ten minutes of searing guitar married to an oh so optimistic lyric, it’s just so happy, happy intensive.
Yet there’s plenty of room for laid back reflection on Little Eden as evidenced on Hold Your Horses and especially They Will Return.
How Saloman and Bevis Frond can maintain this level of creativity after so long is a testament to his fortitude and the depth of his art. This is rock heaven.
Old Nick strikes again.
By John  Haylock


John Haylock

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