Pip Blom – Welcome Break

We love an ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ style second album and with Welcome Break Pip Blom have stuck to the winning formula that made their debut Boat one of our favourites from last year.

We said of their 2020 debut it was “one of the most enjoyable, and freshest, releases of the year”. Fast forward a year and we can simply repeat that line regarding this latest by the Amsterdam four-piece, which is named after their singer and songwriter Pip Blom.

Once again its an indie pop by numbers album. But why not?

Quiet verse, soaring chorus. It’s a tried and tested technique that works wonders when played well. And Dutch popsters Pip Blom certainly do that.

The tracks are equal measure stadium sized anthems and introspective gems, to please festival goers and those listening on their own, who want to claim them as ‘their band’.  This is particularly on opener You Don’t Want This. Perfect indie pop.

The following tracks have the same pattern, from 12 to It Should Have Been Fun. This reviewer’s favourite Keep It Together is a particular highpoint. It may well be the feel good song of the year.

Different Tune is more melancholic than most. The guitars meander effectively in each verse before the track soars in the chorus.

Meanwhile, another slight divergence is I Know I’m Not Easy To Like. It’s more pounding and punk than indie.

Faces is also worth a mention. The verse somehow twangier, with some great guitars and the chorus somehow more uplifting.

Welcome Break is available to stream in 2021, which makes it a shoo-in for our forthcoming Top Albums of 2021 list.  Its physical release will not be until early 2022


By Joe Lepper


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