John Monroe and Field Music  – Songs from the Shelf

Original Field Music keyboardist Andrew Moore has linked up with his old band to release a timeless EP of piano driven pop.

Fittingly for such a timeless collection of tracks, Songs From the Shelf has taken 16 years to finally come to fruition. Sessions for these five songs began after the band’s brief hiatus following 2007’s Tones of Town and were finished this year.

For some reason Moore is going under “the mysterious, inexplicable pseudonym of John Monroe” for this collection, which has been released this year by Daylight Saving Records.

This EP is perfect for Field Music fans. It’s for everyone really though, with this style of piano pop being decades old. Its also full of wonderful echoes of 70s keyboard popsters John Howard and Bill Fay throughout.

There is unmistakable Field Music decade bending production here and Moore’s vocals are an earthy joy, especially backed by Field Music’s Brewis brothers on backing vocal duties.

Not one of these songs would have been out of place on Tones of Town, especially the superbly catchy Sleeping on the Floor and Driving.

I Don’t Mind is pure Fay. So much so I had to check it wasn’t a cover.

Meanwhile, Eleven takes us from Sunderland to New Jersey and back again, with Bruce Springteen-esque intro and saxophones.

Proceedings end with What Did You Say, with echoes of prime 70s Wings.

Moore is such a talent on this remarkable 2023 release that combines the distinct Field Music sound with his own brand of timeless piano driven pop.

By Joe Lepper


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