Steven Adams – DROPS

Broken Family Band man Steven Adams is back with this first new collection in three years and his first as a solo artist since 2016’s Old Magick.

“It’s taking ages but it’ll sound like it was recorded in an afternoon,” was Adams reported reply to his label Fika Recordings when asking for updates, says his press release.

But after work on the album, taking in Wales, the south coast, the French countryside and his East London home, DROPS has finally ready to drop this year.

Involved are a pride of indie musicians, including Daniel Fordham and David Steward from The Drink, Comet Gain and the Wave Pictures producer Simon Trought and Michael Wood from the Hayman, Kupa Band.

The result is familiar cheeky and incisive lyrics as well as fine melodies, as fans of his solo work and The Broken Family Band would expect.

There’s more here, with a distinct 1990s US alternative rock sound, with Pavement’s Nastanovich reportedly a fan.

“I’m preoccupied by the passing of time and the way it affects how we feel,” says Adam about this latest collection.

“ This record is about time and bewilderment and trying to make sense of things,” he adds.

Among the highpoints are opener Moderation, with some fine reverb guitar and the classic New Wave sounding Heads Keep Rolling.

Pas Moi is another, with great bass and distorted vocals, while I tried to keep it light and Day Trip have among the best melodies.

By Joe Lepper


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