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Record Store Day 2011

Posted on 14 April 2011 by Dorian

This Saturday sees Record Store Day hit independent record shops worldwide offering a  range of exclusive vinyl releases. Some items are limited to just a few hundred copies and collectors will be queueing early to make sure to get their hands on a selection of the goodies on offer.

Record Store Day 2011

Record Store Day 2011

The artists releasing records on the day are a diverse bunch ranging from the Beach Boys to Nirvana to Of Montreal to Van Der Graff Generator. For a full list of the records being made available go here.

Probably the most in-demand item will be the Radiohead 12″ which is limited to only 2000 copies. Although not quite as exciting as last years Blur reunion single ‘Fools Day’ it is good to have one of the biggest bands around contributing to the day. I’ll be hoping to pick a copy up along with Nirvana’s Hormoaning EP, a split Of Montreal/Casiokids 7″ and a soundtrack single from the two 1960s Dr.Who feature films.

I’ll be heading down to one of my local record shops, and I’m lucky to have three participating outlets, Resident, Rounder and Ape, all taking part. To see a list of participating shops and find one near you go here.

My advice is to get there early. Last year I arrived an hour early and was in the queue behind the last person to pick up a Blur single. I still enjoyed the day, picked up some nice collectibles, and took part in something that celebrates record shops and anything that gets people through the doors off these increasingly rare institutions has to be a good thing.


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