Top Ten Alternative Music Videos

Our selection of videos have been picked because they are creative, engaging and different. They may be funny, or visually interesting, but they all have one thing in common – a great song. No amount of money spent on a promo can disguise a bad song and, although there may be better videos out there, these represent how good a video can be when partnered with good music.

1. OK GO – ‘Here It Goes Again’

OK GO prove here how a good simple idea, well executed is much better than an expensive and complicated idea could ever be. They also saved a lot of advertising “creatives” considerable time and effort in thinking of their own idea. See the clip here.

2. New Order – ‘The Perfect Kiss

At nearly 10 minutes long this is the longest video in our selection, it is also the oldest. Directed by Jonathan Demme it is a demonstration of how a video can be simple when accompanied by a near perfect pop song.

3. Dinosaur Jr – ‘Feel The Pain’

This video is not the best known of Spike Jonze’s pop promos, but in my view it is the best. Also one of the best Dinosaur Jr songs from their brief major label career.

4. The Shins – ‘New Slang’

Probably the best known of The Shins songs, and the video has a perfect melancholy feel. It is also a chance to see the band act out a number of classic album covers. How many can you identify?

5. Yo La Tengo – ‘Sugarcube’

Very funny story video from the Hoboken drone rockers. Not a band well known for their pop promos, but this video shows the band’s playful side.

6. The White Stripes – ‘Fell In Love With A Girl’

Back before Jack White was a guitar god superstar his band were producing punk pop genius like this. This lego style video was directed by Michel Gondry who made lots of excellent pop promos before moving into feature films.

7. Okkervil River – ‘Lost Coastlines’

This video, of the first single from The Stand Ins, is another example of how effective a simple idea can be when done well and accompanied by a great song.

8. Hefner – ‘I Took Her Love For Granted’

This is probably the oddest video in the selection. How the idea of the band running, in strange body stockings, has anything to do with the song is anybody’s guess. But it is certainly memorable.

9. Guided By Voices – ‘Bulldog Skin’

An unusually polished promo from the Dayton Ohio rockers. Features a quite charming story and an excellent Doug Gillard guitar solo. “Maximum Riffage” indeed.

10. Field Music – ‘In Context’

This could well be the lowest budget video in our selection, but it is no less effective for that. It stands as the perfect accompaniment to this song from the bands second album, Tones Of Town.