Making Marks – A Thousand Half Truths

Making Marks, the Norwegian act that were one of our highlights at 2013’s Indietrack’s festival, are indie pop with a country twist. It’s an effective blend, especially with the sad but beautiful vocals of singers Ola Innset and Nina Bø as well as the country twang of Innset’s picking style of electric guitar playing.

making marks

They’ve been touring across Europe for a while now, picking up admirers along the way and so this debut album feels long overdue. As befitting a band with a sad country lilt and indie pop sense of fun there is a range of emotions on display here, with Ticket Machine and Forgive and Forget providing the happy indie pop and Barcodes bringing a sad, country feel to the fore. The harmonies on Barcodes are particularly striking and Uten En Trad and Like Spinning are others with echoes of the US mid-west that work well.

Falling in Love Again feels a little like a filler track and lacks the spark of many of the others, but this is the only lacklustre one on an album of remarkable consistency.

Flying High Forever closes proceedings and showcases Innset’s best guitar work. As debuts go this is more than solid; it is an enjoyable, fun listen to a talented band that have a clear eye on a US audience as well as the indie-kids of Europe. It is little wonder that we included them in our Top Ten Acts To Watch Out for in 2014 feature.


by Joe Lepper

A Thousand Half- Truths is released on Fika Recordings on 3 February.


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