X Factor and American Idol are ‘malignant tumours’, says Blur frontman

Gorillaz and Blur frontman Damon Albarn has launched a scathing attack on X Factor and American Idol.

In a rant to UK newspaper The Sun Albarn, who is touring the US with The Gorillaz, called such talent shows “a malignant tumour.”

He told the newspaper: “I think music would be totally fine and in a healthy state if people weren’t so preoccupied with celebrity. There is potential for insane cross-fertilisation but there’s this sort of malignant tumour that keeps growing, very much based on a few TV and record executives practising this dark art of the television show.”

He went on to refer to such shows as “a factory”, adding, “it’s not good because, though from time to time they may stumble across a beautiful voice, they put them through a food processor and make them fast food. A cow is definitely a more beautiful thing before it hits the hamburger factory.”

This is Albarn’s latest rant at music on TV, after saying that he would  turn down any Glee producers asking to use his  music on their irksome show.



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  3. This man is a true artist and performer. I watched him on Colbert Report and he and the band are truly amazing. I have to agree, its about the talent to perform, not the prepackaged bs.

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