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Best of the Rest 2018

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Best of the Rest 2018

Posted on 28 December 2018 by Dorian

We’ve already published our list of the best albums we heard in 2018. We could easily fill a top 10 list of tracks from 2018 from the top 5 albums alone, it was a string selection. But there were lots of other albums and songs released this year that we loved that didn’t quite make it into that chart.

So here, presented in no particular order with no comment, are 10 of may favourite tracks from other records that came out this year.

Eyelids – Maybe More

Steve Mason – Stars Around My Heart

The Breeders – Nervous Mary

Stephen Malkmus – Middle America

Swearin’ – Grow Into A Ghost

Teleman – Cactus

Superchunk – What A Time To Be Alive

David Byrne – Every Day Is A Miracle

Gaz Coombes – Walk The Walk

Menace Beach – Black Rainbow Sound

Compiled by Dorian Rogers


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Steve Mason – Meet the Humans


Steve Mason – Meet the Humans

Posted on 29 February 2016 by Joe

Down at the 40-somethings factory the workers are busy constructing their perfect musician. First up they add a little bit of 1960s melody, then they rustle up some Brit Pop, put in some psychedelia and even a bit of sitar. After a frantic day of manufacturing out pops Steve Mason, like a drug-free Julian Cope ready to take to the stage at Bestival.


The former Beta Band singer first became the middle class dinner party music man of choice with his breakthrough album Monkey Minds in the Devil’s Time – a deeply personal psychedelic pop experience that was a little bit mainstream but edgy enough to garner the ‘alternative music’ tag.

Here though he’s gone even further into dinner party land, with some perfect production that’s good enough to spark discussion, but not exciting enough to overshadow dessert. With trumpets blaring out on tracks such as Another Day and some excellent pop on Water Bored and Alive, the drones at the middle-aged, middle-class factory have done their job well.

But while its fun to be a little cynical about this album’s demographic fan base and safe song writing there’s no disputing that this is a good album. While none of the 11 tracks are incredible they are all good and there’s a real charm to his vocals that makes him instantly likable.

Sometimes its good to play it safe and here Mason offers those that first discovered him with Monkey Minds in the Devil’s Time or have stuck with him since his Beta Band days something cosy and warm to listen to, even if it is stuck on factory settings.


by Joe Lepper


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