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Therapy? – The Rescue Rooms, Nottingham (March 12, 2016)

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Therapy? – The Rescue Rooms, Nottingham (March 12, 2016)

Posted on 14 March 2016 by John Haylock

What an extraordinary evening this was. First of all it was great to see tonight’s support act  The Membranes still going strong after a seemingly infinite time spent on the coalface of abrasive in-yer-face off-kilter rock. With the apparently indestructible John Robb at the helm they plough on regardless of trends and fashions. Long may they rock subversively.

Yet who could have predicted the longevity of Therapy? Formed in 1989 by mainman Andy Cairns they hit the music scene like the blast of an oxyacetylene torch in the early 1990s with great albums like Troublegum (1994). As tonight’s lengthy masterclass in sonic-riffola testify they are still very much alive and kicking.



This was the last gig on the current tour and, man, they were still as vibrant and joyous as back in the day. This was no mere going through the motions, give us the cheque now go home scenario.

As I wobble dangerously near the front and at one point fall over like an old man in a  post office queue, it occurs to me that if Therapy? had been signed to Sub Pop, were American and hung around with Trent Reznor and Billy Corgan they would be lauded and idolised in equal measure. More grunge than Nirvana, more riffs than Black Sabbath, more energy expanded than a malfunctioning nuclear reactor.

Tonight saw the spotlight fall on their second album  on a major label, Infernal love from 1995, and it was all going swimmingly, we were enjoying a cover of the Husker Du classic  ‘Diane’ at about the forty minutes mark in, and suddenly Andy had to bring a halt to the proceedings, the band lurched to a stuttering stop, the crowd curious, necks craning,

Apparently an over enthusiastic punter had fallen badly at the front, it looked very serious, medics were called and the band went off and it looked like the evening was over. After about half an hour an ambulance crew  arrived and stretchered the poor guy out.

Andy came back on and announced that under the circumstances the venue had agreed to lift the curfew and they could play out way past the designated finish time. As one we cheered and got down to some serious moshing.

If your idea of fun is singing at the top of your voice ‘James Joyce is Fucking my Sister’ (from Potato Junkie) like a lunatic with a glass of Southern Comfort in one hand and an air guitar in the other (I know I do) then  you would have loved it. At one point they dedicated the next song to Lemmy, next thing you know they were doing just the greatest version of Ace of spades I have ever heard in my life. Mr Kilminster would have smiled down and raised a pint I’m sure. Teethgrindingly brilliant.

Words and Picture – John Haylock


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