Design – Annalisa/This Is Pop

Somerset based three-piece Design is led by Simon Barber, formerly of The Chesterfields – the county’s gift to the C86 indie scene back in the day.

Joined by Kyle Cullen and guitarist Helen Stickland, Design are still keeping the flames of yesteryear’s indie pop going strong on this their debut 7″ single, which was originally released for this year’s Record Store Door Day.  The dramatic ‘Annalisa’ is built on a spidery guitar riff and bolstered by Stickland’s backing vocals. “And another one, and another one, and another new chance has gone” Barber concedes as it darts through shadowy refrains at breakneck speed.



The lighter jangle of B-side ‘This Is Pop’ is very early 90s. It’s also lyrically cutting; lines like “this is what you get when committees have their say” would have Simon Cowell running for the hills. And in terms of a stellar melody and lyric they give a perfect demonstration on how he should be doing it. Expect more of this proficient and commanding indie pop to come from a revitalised Barber.

by Matthew Nicholson


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