Advert space is available for monthly, 3 monthly or 6 monthly periods on Neon Filler.

Advert details

  • Your advert will appear on the sidebar that is visible from all pages..
  • You can choose from two different sizes.
  • The square 125px x 125px adverts rotate between the four available spaces. These must be made available as gif or jpeg images.
  • Two 160px x 600px skyscraper advert spaces sit side by side. These can be supplied as gif or jpeg images but code blocks can also be supplied.
  • A URL link must be supplied for the target of your advert.
  • All web-ready graphics are to be supplied by you, although we can arrange for a pdf, jpeg or GIF artwork to be converted to a suitable web advert for a small fee.


125×125 Square: 1 month = £15, 3 months = £25, 6 months = £40

160×600 Skyscraper: 1 month = £25, 3 months = £40, 6 months = £60

Booking information

Advertisements can be booked by email. Send emails to including the text Advertising in the subject line. All advertising must be pre-paid on booking.

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