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Hysterical Injury – Blood Burst EP

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Hysterical Injury – Blood Burst EP

Posted on 20 March 2015 by Joe

Bristol based brother and sister bass and drums duo Annie and Tom Gardiner have been flirting with breakthrough status for around eight years now, gathering plaudits but not the wider audience their music arguably deserves.

Along the way they’ve managed to skip over inevitable The White Stripe comparisons, mainly because they sound nothing like them, and enjoyed more welcome comparisons to Sleater Kinney and Sonic Youth.


With this latest four track EP from the duo let’s add a couple more comparisons into the mix. For starters early 1980s new wave act Pylon spring to mind, especially on the lead track Under Milk Wood, which has the Athens, Georgia based band’s  similar jerky rhythms, albeit supplemented here  with Annie’s very English sounding folk vocals.

The early 1980s sounds continues with Woken With a Warning, with the sparse urban bass lines of Young Marble Giants a point of reference. Annie also sounds more than a little like YMG’s vocalist Alison Statton here.  This track could stay a YMG homage and still be fine, but then the drums crash in it becomes something even more impressive. Like Under Milk Wood another excellent lead track emerges. It is this track that on repeat listens emerges as the most triumphant.

Ready to Burst and Blood on a Daisy, the other two tracks, reveal themselves as interesting extras to the two main attractions here. Special mention though to the vocals on Ready To Burst, which reminds me a little of the prog-rock disco that Field Music and their various off shoots excel at.

As a collection of four tracks this has it all, two awesome singles, two more more than competent filler tracks and perhaps, dare us West Country music journalists dream, at last a breakthrough release for one of the region’s most interesting acts.


by Joe Lepper


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Introducing… Hysterical Injury


Introducing… Hysterical Injury

Posted on 28 February 2012 by Joe

Where are they from? Bristol and Bath, via Glasgow and Llandeilo.

Who are they? Vocalist and bass player Annie Gardiner and her brother Tom, the drummer.

What do they sound like? As a self confessed “noise-pop” band they have been compared to among others The White Stripes, Queens of the Stone Age, Nirvana and Sonic Youth. They have even been compared to Donna Summer, Kate Bush and Laura Marling by some reviewers, who the band admit maybe “getting a bit carried away, but we’ll take it.”

What have they got to say for themselves?  Annie tells us that rock and roll “is good for your health, and it keeps you in tune with your time on the earth,” while Tom can talk for England about his drumming influences including the likes of “Chad Smith of the Chilli Peppers, Brad Wilk of Rage Against the Machine and Jimmy Chamberlain from Smashing Pumpkins.” Among his more recent influences are Battles’ John Stanier, one of Neonfiller.com’s current favourites as well.

What releases should you look out for? Their debut album Dead Wolf Situation was released early in 2012. They have also released two EPs, Our Lives are a Futuristic Nightmare and a self-titled EP. They have plans to release some split singles with other bands in the near future including The Big Naturals.

Where can I find out more? Visit their website here.

By Joe Lepper, pic credit: Jamie Worsfold


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