The Go! Team – The Scene Between

Boom! That’s right it’s a rare 10/10 from us for this comeback album from The Go! Team.

The press release rightly points out that this album “has a heavy focus on melody”. That is an understatement if anything. The whole album from start to finish is teaming with singles, with wonderful hooks, riffs and choruses shining throughout. Its perfect pop and I challenge anyone who professes to have any form of appreciation for a good pop song to dislike this album.

The Go Team The Scene Between artwork SMALL(1)

The secret to its success is simplicity, with Mr Go! Team Ian Parton writing, performing and producing the entire album and then using a range of female singers to take lead vocal duties. Each brings to the album a genuine chart feel, like a credible Katy Perry in places. There’s lashings of sampling too, helping it to retain The Go! Team’s genre crossing credentials on an album that ends up sounding like a beautiful mix of The New Pornographers, Polyphonic Spree and The Beastie Boys’ Paul’s Boutique.

It is too tough to single out any track, they are all great. But if you were to look up one on Youtube or Soundcloud to verify my  enthusiasm go for the  euphoric title track and the beautiful pop of Waking the Jetstream. But please don’t stop there, buy the album, and then enjoy the St Etienne-esque Did You Know and many more pop gems too.

I’ve had this album for at least two months now and I’m still playing it on a weekly basis with its pop proving itself far from throwaway as Parton delivers arguably his best ever release.


by Joe Lepper


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