Eyelids OR – 854

Nearly a year ago we reviewed the debut album 854 by the Oregon band Eyelids, and it was one of our favourite releases of the year. The band have added the “OR” part to their name for this release to avoid confusion with another act and signed to Charlatan Tim Burgess’s Ogenesis label.

Eyelids OR 854

You can read the full review of the album which sounds even better 12 months later. If you buy 854 on a physical format you also get 6 bonus tracks to enjoy. Only one of these is a new Eyelids original, the other being covers plus an alternate take of ‘Psych #1’, but they are definitely worth a listen.

Fingers crossed that the long awaited UK release of the album will lead to a tour on these shores some time soon. Watch this space for Eyelids news as we get it.

By Dorian Rogers



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