Susan Boyle hopes to be “in the same calibre” as The Beatles. Fat chance.

It’s not often we write about the likes of SuBo, but her comments in UK paper The Sun have left us so incensed that we had no choice but to vent our spleens.

Boyle is monstrosity with a good voice and as far as we are aware does not possess a shred of credibility regarding musical composition. Comparing herself to The Beatles is just laughable.

Being able to conjure the melodies of tracks like Yesterday, Hey Jude or be able to sit down with George Martin and arrange the string parts for say an Eleanor Rigby are not skills that we are aware she has ever or will ever possess.

Susan Boyle

She is a bit simple, has a good voice, looks weird and sings show tunes. That’s it. She hasn’t been shaped by years of late night Hamburg gigs. She’s been shaped by Cowell and the army of money makers behind the likes of American Idol and X Factor.

Sure, Brian Epstein got The Beatles into suits and marketed them well, but crucially they had talent beyond the ability to look sharp in winkle-pickers and collarless suits. They had genuine musical talent beyond being able to sing, well three of them did at least.

Susan Boyle is not fit to even mention The Beatles let alone compare her carefully crafted career to theirs.

She tells The Sun: “The Beatles are still around now, their records live on. I hope to be in the same calibre one day,” adding that she’d like to meet and perform with Paul McCartney one day. “’I’d like to meet Paul. If he ever wanted to perform together, I’d have no problem with it – here I am, baby!”

What an embarrassment. Our advice to her – stick to show tunes and wowing Americans with your “I look like a village idiot, but just you wait until you hear my Les Mis” act.



  1. The picture is Harry Secombe, a large man with a beautiful operatic voice! You shoot yourself in the foot! She and Harry have much in common, and they both receive acclaim for their God-gifted voices! Just thought I’d throw that out there. 🙂

  2. they also receive acclaim for making people laugh.

    But with Harry people laughed with him, with Susan Boyle they laugh at her.

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