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Ellie Goulding – Motorpoint Arena, Nottingham (March 13, 2016)

Posted on 14 March 2016 by John Haylock

Move over Madonna Louise Ciccone, there’s a new Queen of perfect pop ready to take your shaky crown.

Yes Madge you can now put your pointy bras away and put your headscarf on and go and collect your bus pass, the tremendous Ellie Goulding is your rightful heir.

Her Majesty appears on a raised pedestal from behind swathes of gold curtains to tumultuous applause and screams. She looked like a blonde angel in big, black safety boots, and her trademark black designer hotpants. Lights, action, hysteria!

To kick off the gig there’s bunch of frenetic new numbers from the latest album Delerium, Aftertaste, Holding for Life and Goodness Gracious, all sounding totally fabbo and looking great with a nice, restrained light show of geometric lines.

Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding

The first of many highlights comes with a strident and irresistible Outside; her voice proving every equal of her contemporaries such as Paloma and Beyonce.

Things take a turn for the quieter with a lovely ballad called Devotion in which she accompanies herself on acoustic guitar (it must be said, she is a very good guitar player, at quite a few junctures in the set she straps on a black Gibson and gives it some serious punishment).

She enters the crowd via an extended walkway and delivers a beautiful version of The Waterboys’ How Long Will I Love You. Much to the delight of many there’s even time for some dance routines from her troupe of tireless and under dressed male dancers.

She dedicates the new single Army to her best friend, it sounds rather limp on record but live it sparkles, she then covers Elton John’s Your Song with great aplomb and displays some amazing vocal gymnastics.

As we approach the final fences the hits come thick and fast, little girls in tiaras sing along like tiny cloned pop divas, twenty something single girls get all screamy, middle aged people dance in that way that you think is hilarious but you are probably doing as well, long suffering boyfriends grin and bare it in the hope that they’ll get a snog on the way home. The whole arena goes middle class ballistic for Burn, Got You On My Mind, a blinding Anything Could Happen, I Need Your Love and finally Love Me Like You Do.

Sometimes we lose sight of what ‘pop’ should be as if it’s not hip to like stuff that’s popular, infused with vibrant energy and entertainment that is enjoyed by the masses. As we get old, serious and cynical we are supposed to like miserable buggers in kagoules singing about death and how life is shit ( guilty as charged ). But every now and again it is so refreshing to come up for a breath of sweet pop air and wallow in its heady perfume. All rise for Ellie Goulding the new Pop Queen, long may she reign o’er us.

*A quick mention of the two support acts. You’ve probably not heard of Lany, but you will do, a trio of chaps, the lead singer has lots of lovely hair, is stick thin and would have appeared in alot of the girls dreams when they got home after the gig. They have a single out called ILYSB. You read it here first, they’re going to be massive. John Newman on the other hand is relatively well known, wears ill fitting white trousers and sweats a lot. He won me over, or wore me down, not sure which.

Words and pictures by John Haylock


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