Cindy Wilson – Change

Most bands struggle to get by with one good singer. How they must envy The B-52s, who are blessed with three great vocalists – Cindy Wilson, Kate Pierson and Fred Schneider.

Of this trio Cindy is the favourite for many, with her impassioned vocals making tracks such as Give Me Back My Man and Dance this Mess Around among the band’s best.

Cindy Wilson change

The surprising news for those getting hold of this first ever solo album from Wilson, is that the Cindy Wilson of then is nowhere to be seen here. There are no screams of love, no sultry Southern delivery. Instead her delivery is soft, whispering at times.

But that’s not to say this is to be dismissed.  In fact the opposite is the case as  this collection from a ‘changed’ Cindy Wilson is very fine indeed – full of smart electro pop and one that will please fans of St Etienne in particular.

The Tubeway Army sounding synth sounds on Mystic make this a particularly striking track, the heavy bass on Brother is a joy and there’s a lovely pop melody to the funk infused No One Can Tell You.

While this album doesn’t play to her incredible vocal strengths it does still showcase her role as one of the all time great pop artists, and one that is more than happy to embrace new styles.


by Joe Lepper


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