Free Swim – Two Hands Is Ok EP

London based experimental indie band Free Swim certainly know how to get the attention of this music site. A sticker on a plain white CD simply reads: “This is our first EP and it tells the story of a man who is so busy he has two extra hands grafted onto his chest to help him multi-task more efficiently.”

It’s hard not to want to listen after reading what is essentially the weirdest concept EP idea of the year. Opener the ‘Eureka Moment’ is where the hero realises painful horror show surgery is the best way to efficiently make a cup of tea, switch TV channels and read the paper simultaneously. Despite this oddball conceit its actually a pretty good new wave instrumental. A little bit XTC, with Ricky Wilson from the B52s style guitar added in.

It gets weirder mind you. ‘I’ll graft two extra hands on my chest,’ is pretty self explanatory as the hero goes through the tracks regretting his decision and realising that he was better off with just the normal two hand quota.

‘Rubik’s Rue,’ is among the standouts and is the nearest I’ve heard in a while to US band King Missile, famed for tracks such as ‘Detachable Penis’ and ‘The Boy Who ate Lasagne and Could Jump Over a Church.’

End track ‘Quality time with the wife and kids’ sees an end to the hand grafting nonsense and this odd morality tale is complete, all with a Bowie-esque ‘Heroes’ groove.

Free Swim have already gained recognition from Tom Robinson on 6Music but the masses have yet to discover them, presumably because a morality tale about extra hand grafting clashes a little with the bulk of the music industry.

I’m not sure I’d go as far as saying that the world is a better place for having an EP in it about the grafting and removal of a spare pair of hands by a busy man, but it’s certainly a sillier place.

Two Hands Is Ok EP can be downloaded for free here.


by Joe Lepper


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  1. there is an article on-line somewhere about some twins one of whom had an arm removed and re-attached to the other twin. Whacky.

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