Field Music – Flat White Moon

With coronavirus lockdown in the UK easing, it’s time to meet old friends once again. There’s some trepidation, fiddling with apps in a pub garden to get served and remembering how to hold a conversation. But above all though there’s a sense of optimism around the country, that Covid-19 will no longer dominate our lives.

Among the old friends we can once again join up with is Peter and David Brewis & co, aka Field Music.

They have a new album out. Flat White Moon. And its among their best yet.

The Sunderland band have long been inventive with pop. Prince one minute, King Crimson the next. Or was it Talking Heads I just heard? Or XTC?

Above all they are like a UK version of Medications, the US band whose quirky, jerky style adorns all the Brewis’ albums.

Flat White Moon is among their most Medications-y yet. The short songs of two to three minutes, veer this way and that. They pack so much into each track.

Opener Orion From the Street sounds like a pop band floating down a river. Do Me A Favour brings the acoustic guitar out. Reminiscent of  Them That Do Nothing, from their 2010 album Measure.

There’s plenty more to like across the 12 tracks.

The bass and vocal arrangement on Not When You’re In Love is a treat. The Medications riff that opens Out of the Frame and rhythm of No Pressure, other high points.

Meant to Be’s prog-rock guitar a joy.  Proceedings end with You Get Better. Oh, how I wish Prince was still alive to hear this.

It’s perhaps also their most uplifting album yet.


by Joe Lepper




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