Django Django Consider Legal Action Over Cricket World Cup Advert Music

UK band Django Django are considering legal action over the music used in the latest ICC Cricket World Cup advert, which they claim has a remarkable similarity to their 2010 single Wor.

Commenting on their Facebook page the band says: “WOW i think the guys who were commissioned to make the advert for the cricket world cup were more than a little, em ‘influenced’ by our song WOR … needless to say our lawyer is looking into it!!”

The band, which topped our recent Band to Watch Out For in 2011 list, says: “We were neither involved or consulted, and I think most people assume we were. Pretty cheeky to say the least!” They added that they are talking to their music publishers about the next steps to take.

The advertising campaign for the ICC entitled Tightrope was created by the Mumbai, India office of advertising agency Ogilvy and Mather.

Both the ICC and Ogilvy and Mather’s Mumbai office were contacted by Neon Filler, but both have so far declined to reply.

Here are Django Django’s Wor and the ICC ad. What do you think, are they similar?


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  1. Massive similarities, surely that’s claimable, all they’ve done is shift the key from the instrumental part at the beginning of the song. Given the amount of money thrown around in the Indian Cricket Leagues hopefully Django Django can take them to the cleaners.

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