Free Swim – Yolanda the Panda EP

Shortly after we reviewed Free Swim’s previous EP, ‘TwoHands Is Ok’ last October we received an email from the London based experimental band saying: “Recording next EP next week – who knows what the songs will be, we make it up as we go along!”

A few months on and the fruits of their labour have emerged in Yolanda the Panda, a concept EP about a panda’s attempt to scale Mount Everest. But while the band may appear to have a relaxed attitude to recording don’t be fooled into thinking they are anything other than serious about their music.

As with Two Hands Is Ok, about a man grafting a pair of extra hands onto his chest to multi-task more efficiently, the content may be silly but the music is far from slapdash. In fact, the band are fast emerging as one of the most accomplished, interesting acts in the UK alternative music scene thanks to their very English blend of exciting power pop and eccentricity.

The results on Yolanda the Panda are superb, musically like Super Furry Animals in their prime the tracks are full of drive and energy. The King Missile style story telling on Two Hands Is Ok also returns on track three ‘Swooping swoopily like a swooping swooper’ but this time at breakneck speed.

Free Swim came to Neon Filler as mutual fans of Special Benny, another eclectic and exciting London based band to emerge last year. Fans of Special Benny will find lots to like in Free Swim.

Perhaps the best news for you is that Yolanda The Panda is available for free at BandCamp. We strongly urge you to download it and enjoy this slice of quality English power pop.


by Joe Lepper


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