Lullatone- Elevator Music

Creative group, rather than ‘band’ is how Lullatone, the Japan based outfit formed by husband and wife Shawn and Yoshimi, like to be known.

Of course music is central to their work, but there’s much more on their books. Sometimes they create phone apps, other times they make short films and Shawn even presents a children’s TV show showing kids how to make musical instruments from household objects. At their heart throughout all their work is a sense of humour and homeliness that is sadly lacking in so much of the arts.

For their latest musical project they’ve decided to make the experience of standing in an elevator more fun. Whether its popping down to the garage of an apartment block or riding high through the floors of an office tower block on the way to work they’ve created a lovely bunch of silly ditties to make life that little bit better.

Sitting through the album as a whole is a bit of a strange experience. But that is not a bad thing. You are not really meant to listen to it in one go,  unless of course you are joining Willy Wonka for a glass elevator ride to the stars. The best way, as the title suggests,  is in short bursts and preferably in an elevator.

For those who live in tower blocks this may just be essential listening. However, as I live on the Somerset Levels in the UK, which is as flat and rural as the name suggests there is little in the way of elevator rides in my village. To make up for it I’ve adapted its use and have found a good way to recreate the sensation is  to mix its tracks in between other songs on my ipod, offering me some gentle short bursts of silliness while I wait for the next far more serious indie rock track.

Elevator Music is not all about killing time though. There’s some good tracks on here as well, with the excellently titled ‘Ah, It Was in the Garage After All’, among my favourites. Another is ‘Walking on the Sidewalk’, which also features in their short film ‘Experiments Around the House.’

Lullatone came to us as to promote Elevator Music after we  featured a video by their friend Shugo Tokumaru. We are certainly pleased they did, especially after hearing their latest news. Shawn tells us they are coming to Europe to spread their simple, fun take on life this summer, playing a series of ‘Siesta Songs’ at the OFFF Festival in Barcelona. Shawn adds that “we are working on a new interactive melody maker that will let people make their own generative Lullatone songs.” Sounds intriguing.


by Joe Lepper

Elevator Music can be bought on a pay what you want basis at Bandcamp.


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