Just Handshakes (We’re British) – Falling Over Our Fear

Excellently named Leeds band Just Handshakes (We’re British) have been snapped up by Spanish indie pop label Elefant for the release of this their fourth single.

Forming part of Elefant’s New Adventures in Pop series of limited edition 7” colour vinyl singles, this four track single (which is also available to download) shows a band that could be a real force within the UK indie scene over the coming year.

All four tracks, most notably the title track and ‘Brakes’ are tight, catchy indie-pop with the added bonus of their remarkable vocalist Clara Patrick.

Whether you share our appreciation of Just Handshakes will rely on your feelings towards her vocals. To those unfamiliar with female folk singers across the north of England her singing style with its Yorkshire lilt may seem a little jarring. We advise those that think that way to pick up some music by artists on Leeds No Masters label like Chumbawamba and Jo Freya, have a good listen and then return to find a new appreciation in Patrick’s distinct indie-pop take on traditional folk singing.

As folk and indie fans Just Handshakes are just perfect for us at Neon Filler and we look forward to hearing a debut album in the near future.


by Joe lepper

To hear the tracks and download the single click here.


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