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Obviouslies – Pinky

Posted on 17 May 2011 by Joe

Columbus, Ohio, band Obviouslies are starting to get some deserved attention over this side of the Atlantic thanks mainly to some globally focused championing by their hometown music blog TheIndiehandbook.

Already Tom Robinson has played one of their tracks in 6Music and now we’ve been passed a copy of their debut album Pinky.

Such interest over here in the UK is  perhaps unsurprising as there is something reassuringly familiar about their brand of indie rock, that is not too dissimilar to our own Shrag and many others that regularly play at the Indietracks festival. Sure, this formula of Dinosaur Jr style bass padded out with distorted guitar is not going to break down the barriers of music,  but Obviouslies’ edge and sense of fun is undeniable.

Opener ‘Caca Culo, Pedo, Pis’ sounds a little like  CSS and among our highlights, as are ‘Always Wishes’ with its joyous opening riff and obvious single ‘Trapped in a Laff’. ‘All Messed Up’ is another fine track

‘I lose friends dub’ is among the more interesting, a change of tempo and delay on vocals make this an indie-dub oddity and things slow down even further with the wonderfully titled and atmospheric ‘Suicide Note Signed with a Smiley’. The electro-pop meltdown about halfway through indicates a possible change of direction on future releases should they get bored with pounding indie bass and distorted guitar.

Although Pinky arguably lacks a little direction and feels like a band finding their voice it undeniably shows an act with genuine promise. The organisers of Indietracks should book them up now where an appreciative audience awaits.


by Joe Lepper

Pinky is available as a free download and CD-R. Nick from the band tells us that it will be on LP “at some point”.


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