Trentemøller – Late Night Tales

Danish electro-goth producer Anders Trentemøller is the latest artist to take over the curator’s decks for the late Night Tales series.

If you are unaware of this excellent series it features 20 or so songs of the curator’s choice to snuggle up to at night, including at least one cover by the curator and one spoken word piece.

With a background in doom and gloom gothic electronic music, it take Anders a good few songs to approach anything near a snuggle, but when he does it turns out he’s a fairly  huggable chap underneath his  love of thudding bass and atmospheric bleeps.

Given his sombre tastes the opening few tracks, including ‘Waves Become Wings’ by This Mortal Coil and ‘Science Killer’ by The Black Angels, were to be expected and  left me a little too scared to sleep or relax.

But by track seven, with The Velvet Underground’s scary but marvellous ‘Venus in Furs’ Trentemøller gets into his stride and so starts a fine, even upbeat segment that includes 1960s French singer Jacqueline Taieb’s cheeky ‘7Heures Du Matin’ and M. Ward’s jaunty ‘Poor Boy, Minor Key’. The Papercuts’ ‘Unavailable’ and The Shangri-La’s ‘(Remember) Walking in the Sand’ are other highlights in this middle section.

The cover Trentemøller has chosen is one of my secret favourite tracks Chris Isaac’s ‘Blue Hotel’. However, this version sung by Marie Fisker and Steen Jørgensen, is only creditable rather than amazing. The inclusion of Nick Cave and Warren Ellis’s ‘The Proposition #1’ gives the  collection a movie soundtrack feel and things draw to a close with Paul Morley taking the spoken word slot reading from his short story ‘Lost For Words.’

As with all these Late Night compilations if you like the curator chances are you will enjoy their laid back look through their favourite tracks. Even though Trentemøller’s work doesn’t appeal to me, some of his influences, particularly from the 1960s certainly do.


by Joe Lepper


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