Introducing…Unicorn Power

Where are they from? Brighton, UK

Who are they? This three piece started with Scott Pitkethly (vocals, guitar, synths)  and Annalise Vineer (vocals, bass, synths) and have since been joined by Dion Lay (guitar)

What do they sound like?  The band are heavily influenced by synth pop pioneers such as David Bowie and Roxy Music  as well as Kate Bush. For our money they sound a little like Disco Inferno as well and fans of their experimental pop from the early 1990s will find a lot to like in Unicorn Power. The blog Louder than War, which named them one of their top 50 bands of 2012 describes them as “quirky, high IQ cut and paste freak disco”. The band thankfully tell us they have no idea what that means.

What have they got to say for themselves? Pitkethly says: “Essentially we like anyone who can combine guitars with some squelchy synth – from early British synthpop like The Normal and John Foxx to contemporary stuff like LCD Soundsystem and Crystal Castles.

“We formed as an outlet for my growing interest in music production. Most of our songs are driven by an urge to dance around on stage and encourage the audience to join in. We’re into the whole DIY thing, we record and produce everything ourselves, make our own videos and CD packaging, and even our own electronic instruments.”

What releases should I look out for? The bands End of Fairytales EP is now available for free downloand from their bandcamp page. A new EP will be out in the Spring  2012 and they are set to appear on a compilation by Swedish label Substream later this year.

Where can I find out more? Visit their bandcamp page here or their homepage here.

  by Joe Lepper



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