Danny Kendall – You Can’t Go Home Again

‘You Can’t Go Home Again’ is the lead track and title of the debut three track EP by the Grange Hill referencing Danny Kendall. Danny Kendall is Ben Murray, former member of La Frange (who’s single ‘Fashion’ sits in the “should have been a top ten hit” category – check it out on Spotify) and part-time drummer for tge likes of Chris T-T and Jim Bob. He is joined on these recordings by Jonny Lamb, who normally records excellent folk music under the name 30 Ponds Of Bone.

Danny Kendall

90s indie pop/rock music is having a bit of a revival of late, with bands such as Yuck aping the big messy guitars of the likes of Dinosaur Jr. Danny Kendall are also in thrall to the 90s, but where Yuck and their ilk focus on the sludgier aspects of that decade of music, they focus on the bittersweet melodies and lyrics that made bands like Teenage Fanclub and The Pernice Brothers such a pleasure.

‘You Can’t Go Home Again’ is the fuzzy sound of Summer, released in the heart of Winter. That seems quite appropriate as the uplifting guitars and melodies rub up against the more downbeat mood of the songs lyrics. The “ah ah ah ah” chorus (this will make perfect sense when you hear the song) halfway through is a delight and the whole thing is guitar pop at its finest.

‘My Lover’s Arching Back’ is a more downbeat, but equally melodic, number with a raw honesty to the lyrics that stands it apart. This is sensitive song writing, and I mean that as a wholehearted compliment. The playing and arrangement is simple, and unfussy production suits the music perfectly. You know when the acoustic guitar intro is going to kick in to electric guitars and drums, but that takes nothing away from the pleasures of the song.

Final track ‘Here On My Own Tonight’ is possibly the pick of the bunch, an understated air of menace pervades the song (well, depending if you take the line “I’ll take the body, leave the head” literally it could be an overstated menace). The dual lead guitar lines and gentle picking over solid bass and drums is a satisfying sound. This track also lets loose and takes the opportunity to rock out a bit, a sound that recalls another classic sensitive indie-rock act, The Wedding Present.

In a post-Oasis, post-Coldplay world of drab British indie it is refreshing to hear a record that apes Teenage Fanclub whilst referencing Thomas Wolfe and Dexy’s Midnight Runners. This EP is literate, thoughtful and simple; available online for less than the price of a pint it is highly recommended.


By Dorian Rogers

Listen to the EP (available to download for £2.50) on the Lynch(ed) Recordings Bandcamp page http://lynched.bandcamp.com/album/you-cant-go-home-again.



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