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Introducing… Fighting Kites

Posted on 25 May 2012 by Dorian

Who are they?
Fighting Kites are a well-meaning shadow rock band from the British Isles with a secret desire to let loose and cut some rug. After five years creating musical levitations in a three-legged dog refuge, they now reached an unspeakable climax and release their debut album on Variant Records.

Fighting Kites

What do they sound like?
Imagine if early Soft Machine played the music of the Shadows with nothing but good intentions and the shy hope the listener might shake a limb or two.

What have they got to say for themselves?
Little bits and bats really, nothing of great importance. On stage they keep the talking to a minimum and only utter brief syllables to one another backstage when it’s absolutely essential. They don’t let themselves get carried away. No, there’s not really too much to report here, just good intentions and a terrible desire that someone will like them.

What releases should you look out for?
As it happens, their debut album is out now on Variant Records and it’s a curious little one. It took them two years to make and at times the process felt like (their words) “trying to step dance in two feet of mud”. You can look out for that if you like. Other than that, you can also look out for the inspirational ‘Split’ ep, on Audio Antihero, which apparently took two minutes to make and felt like (their words again) “step dancing in a field of dreams”!

Where can I find out more?
Best to visit their Bandcamp page to give them a listen.


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