Fang Island – Major

Fang Island, the missing link between Bill and Ted’s Wyld Stallyns and indie rock, are back, with a second album that is just as exciting, fun and mental as their self- titled 2010 debut.

What I particularly like about this Rhode Island band is they don’t take themselves or the genres they mash up that seriously, but still manage to appear among the most professional and accomplished rock bands around.

Take one of their first Youtube clip’s called Kindergarten, it features the band answering questions in a real life kindergarten and then playing their frenetic tune Chompers to a bunch of pogoing toddlers. It’s life affirming stuff.

Thankfully Chompers features towards the end of this excellent second album, which contains similar frantic instrumentals as their debut album, all  mixed up with blazing power chords and  even more anthemic indie rock.

The song that is most similar to their debut’s standout and rare vocal track Daisy is Major’s  third track Seek it Out, a track designed for cool indie kids that secretly just want to air guitar and wave lighters in the air at stadium gigs. Asunder is another that is sure to bring out the Whitesnake fan in us all.

The stomping Dooney Rock is a marvel of silliness, especially the change of pace about a third of a way in. After Dooney Rock and Chompers the album gradually comes to an end with Chime Out and Victorinian, which finishes the album as opening track Kindergarten started it, with an intricate and serious keyboard arrangement that masks the silliness within.


Joe Lepper


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