Tame Impala – Lonerism

It was no surprise to see MGMT, Mercury Rev and Flaming Lips producer Dave Fridman credited with applying the finishing touches to Tame Impala’s second album of psychedelic pop. Largely recorded by Tame Impala frontman Kevin Parker at home, in hotels, studios and even a plane, Fridman has added that final pop savvy touch, just as he did to the band’s stunning debut Innerspeaker (2010).

The end result is something that perfectly blends the care free attitude of a bedroom recording act and the swagger of a seasoned old pro behind the mixing desk. But this is no mere Innerspeaker mark two. Parker and Fridman have added a far more modern touch to the act’s take on late 1960s psychedelia. While early Pink Floyd was arguably the nearest point of comparison for their debut, with Lonerism they now preach at the speakers and lava lamps of far cooler cats like MGMT.

To show they are still a little bit out there with the best of the tie dye brigade this Perth, Australia based act have selected Elephant as the album’s lead single. While a fun stomp in the mould of the Glitter band, it is far less accessible than the soulful Apocalypse with its marvellous ascending chords, the guitar riff filled Mind Mischief or the alternative pop gem Feels Like We Only Go Backwards.

Innerspeaker really impressed me on its release and two years on I’m still discovering new twists, turns and melodies across its tracks. The fact that Parker and Fridman have actually created a better album speaks volumes for Tame Impala’s deserved and increasing global appeal.


by Joe Lepper



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