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I’m a big fan of the purity of the three minute pop song, concise and exciting it takes some beating. However, sometimes you want to hear something with a bit more substance, a song that you can get lost in that twists and turns and draws you in. These epic songs don’t come along often, and they can take some time to appreciate, but they often end up as your favourite track by an artist.  Below we present our top ten epics. We’ve set an arbitrary minimum length of seven minutes to qualify for the list, but the longest track here clocks in at a whopping 17:43. This could take some time…

1. Yo La Tengo – Night Falls On Hoboken

2. Television – Marquee Moon

3. Wilco – Spiders (Kidsmoke)

4. Of Montreal – The Past Is A Grotesque Animal

5. The Stone Roses – I Am The Resurrection

6. Phosphorescent – Los Angeles

7. The Wedding Present – Take Me

8. My Bloody Valentine – Soon

9. Sparklehorse – Cow

10. The Velvet Underground – Sister Ray

Compiled by Dorian Rogers with suggestions from our Facebook followers.

For more epic tracks listen to our Spotify playlist, currently at 25 tracks long it clocks in at three hours listening time.




  1. I love all these (particularly Sparklehorse obvs), but I think you may have overlooked Sonic Youth. Teen Age Riot comes in at 6:58 and Expressway to yr skull is well over 7 mins I think!

  2. Sonic Youth are on the Spotify list with Total Trash. I wanted to include Teen Age Riot but rules are rules (even if I made the rule myself and it is totally arbitrary) and it is just the wrong side of 7 minutes.

  3. I’d have Lullaby by Low, Same Deep Water As You by The Cure and Asphalt World by Suede in my list. Love a good epic me.

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