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White Stripes Single Sells for £11,000 ($17,000)

Posted on 20 October 2010 by Joe

A rare White Stripes single has sold for £11,000 ($17,000). The deal was made through Jack White’s Third Man Records.

The expensive purchase was a  copy of the band’s second single ‘Lafayatte Blues’, which has a cover hand painted by White and Italy Records boss Dave Buick due to a delay in printing the actual covers.

Just 15 copies had these covers and all were originally sold at a gig in Detroit in 1998 for just £3.50 ($5.50) each.

Since that gig and prior to this latest sale just two have been resold. One sold in 2003 for £500 ($789) and another a year later went for £1,000 ($1700).

This is still not the most valuable Jack White record. While working as an upholsterer and performing in a band called The Upholsterers Jack sealed up 100 copies of an EP by the band  in furniture. None have yet emerged.

Jack White


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