Top Ten Sleep Inducing Musicians Revealed

The mystery behind Coldplay and Snow Patrol’s popularity has been revealed.

According to a survey by hotel chain Travelodge the main reason the bland stadium rockers’ albums are being bought is that they send people to sleep.

The survey asked 6,000 people what music they listen to at bedtime to help them sleep. Coldplay came top, followed by Canadian singer Michael Buble (I remember when he was plain old Mickey Bubbles) and Snowpatrol.


Earnest festival headliners Radiohead also make the top ten, although the dreams some of their recent albums would induce does not bare thinking about.

A statement by Travelodge says: “ When it comes to choice of music, Britons voted soft rock band Coldplay for having the ‘Snooze Factor’ – with Chris Martin’s monotonous, meditative melodies claiming the number one position for lulling Britons into slumber.”

Here’s the full top ten.

  1. Coldplay
  2. Michael Buble
  3. Snow Patrol
  4. Alicia Keys
  5. Jack Johnson
  6. Taylor Swift
  7. Mozart
  8. Barry White
  9. Leona Lewis
  10. Radiohead



  1. Funny article… but silly. I wouldn’t say that just because someone likes to fall asleep listening to music that it’s in anyway unchallenging or “boring.”

    Mozart and Radiohead certainly don’t fit such categorization!

  2. The reason one becomes sleepy after listening to Michael Buble, is the fact that you have probably just made passionate love to your mate, having just listened to one of Michael’s romantic love songs.

  3. Not quite sure how Travelodge can say that Chris Martin’s voice is ‘monotonous’ (meaning um mono tone) because he is surely for being AOR’s most famous yodeller.
    Also one of my favourite bands (Sigur Ros) are the best ever to fall asleep to, and they’re not boring.

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