The Robot Heart – Dust EP

We usually try and stick to reviews of forthcoming and newly released albums and EPs but occasionally we miss something that is so up our alley that it would be a crime not to review it. So please welcome to our pages Dust, the debut EP released earlier this year by Brighton based folk/indie act The Robot Heart

There are many like The Robot Heart that fit into the so called nu-folk bracket, but unlike , say Mumford and Sons, this act manage to take folk to new, more mainstream levels and crucially retain credibility.

This credible nu-folk arena is fast becoming a busy place, with fellow Brighton acts like The Miserable Rich and Leisure Society doing well. The Robot Heart are a more than welcome addition.

The Robot Heart

Why the praise? Well, from the beautiful arranged harmonies on opener ‘Raining Stones’ to the heartbeat rhythms of standout track ‘Lost In Stereo’ it’s clear this is no ordinary act.

The mix of chamber pop, choral harmonies, epic film score quality and down to earth folk is exceptional but like all good ideas based on simple foundations. Just a twinkle of acoustic guitar here, a basic piano melody underpinned by subtle brush drummed percussion there. Its simple but remarkably effective in creating a sense of mood.

The track ‘The Robot Heart’, is a case in point with its wintry feel and sounds a little like Tuung at times. Final track ‘Singing To The Ghost’, which is one of three acoustic tracks to round off the EP, is another standout that retains an epic quality despite its more low key production.

As an EP Dust is perhaps the biggest tease of the year, leaving me full of anticipation for their first full length debut, which is due out next year on their label Bleeding Heart Recordings.


by Joe Lepper

Bleeding Heart Recordings


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