Frankie Rose – Herein Wild

Frankie Rose knows how to start an album. The lush intro of the title track of previous album Interstellar opened up the new, pop savv Frankie Rose to the public and heralded a phenomenal debut album of electric guitar pop. Similarly for You For Me, the opener on  her follow up Herein Wild, it starts powerfully with stomping guitars.


But while HereinWild is a very good album, it’s not great like Interstellar. You For Me has stomp and passion but second track Sorrow can’t hold a candle to Interstellar’s melodies.

Nevertheless there are still some fine tracks on Herein Wild. Into Blue is a good pop song and Depths, with its ’80s, goth bass is another high point, reminiscent of  the wonderful precursor to Spear of Destiny, Theatre of Hate.

Cliffs As High goes a little bit Hollywood, with her vocals and piano draped in glamourous strings, but still works well.

Among other highlights is Minor Times, which is another great pop tune. I found though that whereas Interstellar brought out her excellent guitar playing more this is far to low in Herein Wild’s mix. Minor Times especially would have really benefited from more of her distinct style of guitar playing. Instead it only makes fleeting visits on tracks, such as the intro and parts of penultimate track Street of Dreams.

Another track of note is Heaven, which is dark and scary in comparison to her lighter tunes and is probably the most effective within Herein Wild’s anti-guitar production. This track could perhaps be the shape of things to come from future releases if she is to continue to hide her 1980s guitar twang. Such a shame that the opening stomping guitars were not to be replicated elsewhere on the album. Great opening all the same though.


by Joe Lepper



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