Rufus Orders Fans Not To Applaud On Tour

First Ringo Starr told fans not to bother writing fan mail to him and now Rufus Wainwright is moving in on the ‘don’t flatter me’ market.

In a message on his website to accompany his forthcoming tour he has asked his fans not to applaud him during the first half of the set.

He website explains: “The first part of the program will be performed as a song cycle with visuals by Douglas Gordon.  During the first set, Rufus has asked that you please do not applaud until after he has left the stage. His exit is part of the piece”

"Don't even think about clapping"

He does go on to add that the audience are allowed to show their pleasure at being entertained by such a diety during the second half. “After a brief intermission, Rufus will return for the second part of the show during which you may applaud to your heart’s content.  Please also refrain from photography during the first set,” the website adds.

Strangely he offers no instructions for those wanting to boo him during this first half pretentious-a-thon.



  1. This is not an accurate note. Rufus asks not to applaud, cough, or make any noise because he needs the concentration for the first half of his show and because the piano interpretation and the emotional charge in it. You are free to leave in any moment if you are not enjoying it.

  2. RW’s 1st half is part concert, part art installation. it’s easy to write a nonsense blurb on a blog or over twitter, & being an easy thing to do clearly doesn’t make it worthwhile. much unlike his concert which, if you had bothered to attend, you would have realized was honest & interesting at the very least.

    someone once said “opinions are like a$$holes, everybody has one”~

  3. For anyone familiar with classical recitals, the audience never claps until the entire song cycle is complete. Rufus performs these beautiful and demanding 12 pieces as a song cycle. LISTEN to what he’s doing on stage – I know lots of talented people, but none who can do what he does. Further, if you have any sense of humour, you will understand Rufus’ dry sense of humour in regards to applause, and I thought Americans were uncultured!

    Would love to see what the writer of the above post can actually DO – probably not much – and probably has little of no talent. Rufus has TALENT for days!!


  4. You obviously have no idea what this fantastic concert was all about. Is there some rule that says one has to applaud on cue between every song? Why can’t we show our appreciation at the end of the performance…allow it to remain intact, whole… This has absolutely nothing to do with Ringo Starr. Rufus Wainwright is always respectful of his fans.

  5. Rufus asks to not applaud because it’s a total part of the show. He brings us into an emotionnal and almost mystic adventure that needs to be entire. That’s very brave because any fault is amplificated and he can’t hind behind a joke or some words…

  6. You’re asked not make noise at a tennis match and no one questions it. But let a musician ask for the same courtesy and the simpering twits have a hissy fit.

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