La Femme – Psycho Tropical Berlin

After watching this video for Antitaxi, the opening track on the debut album from Bairritz based surf popsters La Femme, I’m fairly convinced they are just about the coolest band on the planet, well, in France at least.


Set in a frantic, cool as you like French club this video shows the band ooze style; and as for the music, well, its so far up our Rue its bought a house on it and moved in. Mixing surf guitar, synths, psychadelic rock plus an underlying Devo like punk/new wave sense of fun and edge, they have it all for us.

Then when I read the press release and they just get even cooler. While hanging around a surfing contest in Biarritz, the blurb tells us, they met some California surfers, made friends with them, saved some money and then spent three months in the US state packing in 27 gigs.

At 16 tracks long, including a bonus cover at the end of Chuck Berry’s Baby Doll, it is either a bargain or could do with a little editing depending on your propensity to get up and dance to odd ball pop music. Even at my advanced years I can still give it a go and there’s plenty on here to please the fleet of foot. Amour dan le Motu is immediately a contender for single of the year, sounding somewhere between surf pop and Japanese act Pizzicato Five. While Sur La Planche 2013 has lashings of catchy guitar and synth hooks. There’s also times for an angular and psychedelic take on the whole genre of pop with Nous étions deux.

As debuts go this up with there with the best of them.


by Joe Lepper




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