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Glastonbury Festival Emerging Talent 2014: Two more acts to impress

Posted on 17 February 2014 by Joe

After around 150 songs I’m at the end of my first phase of judging for the Glastonbury Festival Emerging Talent Contest. As I entered the final segment of entries two acts stood out above the crowd. My task now is to find three acts from these two, these four as well as these three acts to present to the longlist judging panel. Just a reminder that the longlist panel will be putting through their favourite eight to the live final battle of the bands in Pilton, near the festival site, in April. The top prize is a slot on one of the festival’s main stages.

DB Cohen

Dan Cohen bills himself as a cross between Bob Dylan, Ray Davies and Madness and has a love of The Rolling Stones. Strangely he doesn’t mention Billy Bragg though, his closest comparison. He’s certainly got enough about him to raise his entry above the fold; a swagger perhaps, or a sense of belonging and being grounded in his music and environment, as he proudly sings in his south London accent. Great guitar playing as well.

Ukes of Hazard

I’ve seen some ukuleles in my time but never one that can do a heavy metal solo. In fact these Ukes of Hazard haven’t stopped at mere fret onanism, they have a whole rock guitar and bass section made from souped up ukes. A novelty for sure, but one that rocks the hell out of a lovely little instrument.


by Joe Lepper


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  1. DB Cohen Says:

    Thanks for the nice write up, fingers are crossed this end….db

  2. Sarah Cotgrove Says:

    DB Cohen please please please!!! Saw him do the 100 club he was amazing with his massive band too! Some songs make you jump up and down like a lunatic and some make you cry with emotion – it would be unforgetable to see him there he oozes the glasto vibe! Best gig Ive ever been to.

  3. hazh Says:

    I’ve seen DB Cohen a couple of times and he’s a class act. Get him on the Pyramid!

  4. Sarah Nash Says:

    I saw D B Cohen at the 100 Club in August and he was fantastic. He’s got a real stage presence and the band that support him are excellent. Uncommon Love is a fantastic song.

  5. Tony W Says:

    I’ve just had a listen to this DB Cohen guy, what a legend!! He has to make the cut, Glasto needs someone just like this to get the party going.

  6. William Adam Says:

    I’ve seen DB Cohen play live and have no doubts in his ability to rock this stage! Great musician and all around great guy. Here’s to you DB Cohen

  7. Jamie W Says:

    DB’s singalong stompalong big tunes and a happy, vibacious Glasto crowd: perfect match.

  8. Bree Says:

    DB please!!!!
    great sound/ sterling lyrics

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