School of Language – 45

Posted on 30 May 2019 by Joe

Trump’s words, given a tongue in cheek twist and set to funk music. It’s an intriguing conceit for the latest album by School of Language, aka Field Music’s David Brewis.

School of Language live in Bristol in 2014 (Pic by Joe Lepper)

School of Language live in Bristol in 2014 (Pic by Joe Lepper)

As with previous albums, Sea from Shore (2008) and Old Fears (2014), School of Language allows David Brewis more space to explore his funk influences. So here there’s still hints of Field Music influences like Medications, but far more Prince and Talking Heads. Prince’s influence in particular is key to tracks such as the marvellous opener I’ve Got the Numbers.

Meanwhile, A Beautiful Wall is great satire on Trump and Nobody Knows has some fine squelchy synths.

David Brewis is not the first to poke fun at the US right, with Southern Tenant Folk Union’s The Chuck Norris Project (2015) particularly good. But this collection is just as effective, offering some great music and keeping the notion of the protest song alive and well too.


By Joe Lepper


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