John Howard –It’s Not All Over Yet

John Howard has passed on his new single and as ever we are impressed.

It’s cover version this time from the 1970s singer songwriter who rebooted himself at the turn of the 21st century with a string of impressive albums ever since.

This time its It’s Not All Over Yet by his You are the Cosmos label mate Daniel McGeever, a track I wasn’t familier with until now.

The track  is from McGeever’s album Cross the Water (2017) and written for his father who died just a few days before it was recorded. This is particularly poignant for Howard, whose own father was poorly around the same time and passed away in 2018.

Here it break downs the original to its bearest bones. Piano accompaniment and vocals. It’s a lovely song and another great choice from Howard as he champions emerging and less well known tracks.

Among the best of these in recent year’s has been his cover of Alex Highton’s beautiful Song For Someone, which deserves far more attention.

Hearing this also made me immediately check out McGeever, who like Highton and, indeed Howard himself, is certainly deserving of more coverage.

It’s Not All Over Yet can be ordered from Amazon or iTunes.


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