Caleb Followill Sinks To New Low With Cobain Comparison

Kings Of Leon frontman Caleb Followill has plunged to a new low. In an interview with BBC 6 Music in the UK this week he had the audacity to compare himself with the mentally ill Nirvana frontman, the late Kurt Cobain.

Speaking about the band’s disastrous and lacklustre Reading Festival performance last year, Followill said his tizzy fit at the booing crowd was “my Kurt Cobain moment when I was hating the success and I was scared and thought people are gonna think that we did this on purpose and made this record so that it could be big”.

No Caleb, its nothing like a Kurt Cobain moment. A Kurt Cobain moment is to have a serious mental health problem and blow your brains out with a gun.

Cobain did not kill himself because he hated success. Kurt Cobain killed himself because he was mentally ill. If he was a roofer and he killed himself, would it be because he hated heights? No it is because he was mentally ill. If he was a call centre operative who killed himself, would it be because he hated his job? Of course not, it is because he was mentally ill.

Followill Not Cobain

To compare an inability to deal with an ego and be surrounded by fawning wretches that love tired old seventies rock with being suicidally depressive is shameful and an insult to those genuinely battling depression and mental illness.

My fury with his comments carries on, especially over the timing. A lot of people were looking forward to seeing Kings of Leon at that Reading gig, only to be insulted by the band by their poor attitude. Why wait so long to usher out this feeble apology? Could it perhaps be because later this month the band release their album Come Around Sundown?

The record is the follow-up to 2008’s ‘Only By The Night’, the same mega selling record that Followill has such reservations about. If he genuinely had reservations about selling huge amounts of CDs then why promote this new album at all? Why wait a year to finally issue a pathetic apology to UK fans?

He added: “At the end of the day it was probably our fault, we probably just weren’t performing they way we should have been.”

With this patehetically timed apology Caleb Followill has revealed himself to be a joke of a performer and a joke of an artist. His shallowness and hypocrisy makes me physically sick and I’m sure is sending the ashes of the mentally ill Cobain spinning in their urn.

by Joe Lepper

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  1. Caleb is much more than some druggy who killed himself and besides how do you know how cobain was feeling douche. Caleb FTW!

  2. you obviously dont have a clue what your talking about. who are you to judge anybody ? and how famous are you ? lets see how you cope with it before you make assumptions you fucking bigot

  3. Knocker:
    Cobain has a published journal he kept outlining exactly how he was feeling through much of his rise to fame and end days, not to mention interviews with people who knew him closely.

    Your argument is weak. The speaker does not have to experience the fame of the subject in order to produce an informed opinion on said subject. Do you have to murder someone in order to judge a murderer as wrong? You called the writer a “fucking idiot” Based on your implied claim, that one may only make assumptions about those with whom they share traits, you are professing to be a fucking bigot with no clue what you’re talking about. Otherwise you are subject to your own sentence of invalid judgement. Like I wrote, your argument is weak.

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